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News affects our lives in many ways.
It informs us, influencing our thoughts as we make decisions and form opinions.  It inspires us to learn more about the world in which we live.  We all have some type of "Life Blog" that quietly plays in our minds.  This is a place where I share my brief thoughts and observations ...

A career in journalism has afforded me the gift of walking in another's shoes, if not just for an hour or two or a single day.  I am proud to have known so many people who are strong, amazingly interesting, and compassionate.  I am in awe of their eagerness to accept me with open arms no matter how different our culture or life experiences.  It is so very cool to step beyond the comfort of the fences in our lives and explore the vast and beautiful world out there.  A special tip of the hat to Colorado's horse community and "Plane View" Farm, where I learned that lesson well.
I feel that gratitude is a gift to yourself.  Not appreciating the things in life that are "going right" brings on a deeper darker sense of mourning when they are gone.
When I learned to be grateful for even little things, it enabled me to see more beauty in all things, large and small.   It's also my opinion that strength and learning are the silver lining of remorse.  I can say that I am truly grateful for all life experiences.
learned by mistakes that have certainly brought on some serious remorse!
There are just some things in life that will test our strength and character.
I think this saying sums it up best-
"A woman is like a tea bag, you never know how strong she is until you put her in hot water".
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Shaul Turner
Shaul Turner